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✨ Choose the annual fee plan, and you will get a super discount of up to 15%! For users who subscribe to Pro or Enterprise, we also provide free first-time usage tutorials to ensure that you can smoothly and fully utilize our services. Join now and experience the super value offer!



agent per month

Offers special prices to eligible startups and small businesses, allowing ambitious companies to have more resources to develop digital businesses and stand out in a competitive market.
  • Up to 2 agents
  • Integration of multiple channels such as LINE, Facebook
  • Chatbot
  • CRM
  • Ticket
  • Knowledge Base
  • Reports and analytical charts



agent per month

Satisfying the needs of medium-sized businesses, having multiple powerful features at once, only this plan is needed to create a good service experience.
  • Includes Growth plan features
  • Up to 6 agents
  • Organization and Permisssion features
  • Support new customers
  • Automated features
  • Up to 5 service team message support per month


5,900 up

agent per month

Designed specifically for large enterprises, it provides comprehensive services such as customized functions, API integration, and consulting services to meet all your needs.
  • Includes Pro plan features
  • No limit on the number of licenses purchased
  • API integration
  • Dedicated assistance for implementation
  • 10 team message service supports per month.
  • Optional customized features.
The above plan is limited to Taiwanese companies.
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Usage Growth Pro Enterprise
Licenses Limit26Unlimited
Message Channel Limit510100
Features Growth Pro Enterprise
Knowledge Base


Phone Suite

+NT$ 3,000

Per agent per month

For complex issues, the phone is still the customer's favorite communication channel. We provide a VoIP cloud phone system for you to answer and make calls immediately.

  • Internet Phone Features
  • Real-time digital recording
  • Phone-related report analysis, statistics, charts
  • ACD automatic call distribution
  • IVR interactive voice response

Marketing Suite

+NT$ 4,500

Per Month

With this Suite, you can easily import and manage your product information on FIRST LINE, and recommend your products to customers through carousel and message methods. This feature can effectively enhance your revenue growth and provide a better customer service experience!

  • Product Catalog
  • Referral Link
  • Data Statistics
  • Chatbot Sending

No, you don't need to worry. Regardless of how much the data increases, the price remains the same. Even if your customer base continues to grow, whether it's 1 customer or 10,000 customers, you only need to pay the same fee. We are very happy to grow with FIRST LINE users. In the future, FIRST LINE will offer some additional fee-based expansion features, such as STT (Speech To Text Quality Check), SMS text message sending, etc. You can choose to add these expansion features and decide whether to pay.

* For each integration channel, you need to follow its official charging standards. For example, for LINE, you need to refer to // to purchase the API message sending number.

Since our establishment, we have not only collaborated with large commercial enterprises but also assisted many SMEs in implementing our system. Our aim is to ensure that businesses of any industry and size can enjoy the same level of service. Small businesses can enjoy high-standard systems and excellent service at a low cost.

FIRST LINE operates a 24/7 firewall and intrusion detection system, inspecting every access control. All transmitted information on the FIRST LINE server is SSL encrypted with a 256-bit bank-standard key, ensuring that user information is never read or disclosed to third parties. FIRST LINE uses the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) server to ensure that data is fully protected from the moment of upload.

Of course, our FIRST LINE consultant team is always by your side, ensuring you receive full support and guidance throughout the product introduction. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact us.

Absolutely, we offer an 8.5% discount for users who pay annually.

We offer a 50% discount program for eligible non-profit organization employees and teams, students, and educators to help social enterprises grow and give back to society through what we excel at.

Take from society, give back to society.
We offer a 50% discount program, specifically designed for eligible non-profit organization employees and teams, students, and educators. Through this program, we hope to assist social enterprises in thriving and giving back to society.
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