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Unified management of telephone and social platform channels, through chatbots and automation, efficiently manage sales and customer service.

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customer service system

4 main features, 1 system.

What can we do for you?

Easier, Simpler Service Management

Combine multiple communication platforms such as phone, LINE, Facebook, instant chat, WhatsApp etc., for effective customer support and sales services. We also offer automated processes to minimize repetitive tasks, save corporate time, and enhance service efficiency.

Chatbot Replies and Follow-ups

Provide a graphical interface to easily set up your exclusive chatbot and let it answer common questions or provide

ticket system
Maintain Team Synchronization and Collaboration

Assist corporate teams in smoothly carrying out internal processes, effectively managing common work items, while clearly grasping the communication between customer service representatives, teams and customers. You can more easily track work progress and improve work efficiency.

knowledge base system
Let Knowledge Be Everywhere

Knowledge is vital for top-notch customer support. Our system collects and integrates information, enabling representatives to respond professionally and promptly.

Top-notch companies also form alliances with us.

We work hand in hand with companies in various fields in the Asia-Pacific region, committed to creating a good experience for customer relationships. At the same time, we also learn from them in cooperation, exploring the potential of various industries to provide more practical features.


Customer Service System

All messages are in one place for easier customer management.

No more switching between multiple platforms, all customer interactions are gathered here. Incorporating phone, web chat, as well as mainstream social media like LINE OA, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, everything is in one place, all customer interactions are gathered here.

customer manager system

Customer Relationship Management System

Precise segmentation, knowing oneself better than the customer.

Deeply grasp customer information, and analyze these customer data to provide the fastest, most friendly service and marketing with smarter, automatic, and precise decisions.

ticket system

Ticket, to-do.

Simplify complexities, making it clear at a glance, and unite the team.

To-do items are arranged by category, level, date, etc., keeping them well-organized, helping you track, support, and assist with service issues, simplifying cross-departmental and unit communication, making team discussions easier and improving work efficiency.


Knowledge Base

Difficult problems, solved with a single click, lending a helping hand to your team.

Your team can develop its own knowledge base, capturing and accumulating collective knowledge, so that knowledge becomes power, to reply and support customer requests in a more efficient way.


More exciting features, all for achieving more.

Whether you are a small and medium enterprise or a general merchant, we can help you build a professional customer service center to make your business stand out. We are always focused on developing new features to global standards, progressing with users, and always adhering to a heart-centered approach. More importantly, we guarantee that most features are provided for free, you do not need to pay extra for this. Let us join hands to take your business to the next level.

custom fields

Custom Fields

With our high-flexibility expansion feature, regardless of your company's size and industry, you can immediately expand the data structure by setting custom field components in the system.

chatbot autoreply

Event Response

When a designated event is triggered, it immediately responds with a custom message, saving customer service representatives from repetitive and cumbersome correspondence. All they need to do is focus on serving the customers.



At a glance, you can view service volume, performance, and other support volume analysis. This can help your team and organization measure operational efficiency and improve work processes.


Permission Groups

Various roles and permissions control access to specific features of FIRST LINE. This allows you to quickly and conveniently define role assignments suitable for your company's structure and workflow.

💪 Over52advanced features, still continuously increasing.
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