New Generation Customer Service System

Highly efficient, a better way to work.

Easily and efficiently communicate with customers, no matter where they are. We offer a variety of features such as chatbots and instant message notifications, to create the best customer experience.


All kinds of customer favorite channels, all in one go.

Through the FIRST LINE platform, you can manage and serve all platforms in one place, allowing your customers to receive more comprehensive help and support. We are committed to continuously integrating more applications, enabling your business to achieve more possibilities.

With the VoIP phone system, you only need to open your browser to answer or make calls immediately, without any additional hardware or device installation.
Live chat
By installing the Livechat weidget, you can immediately enable customers to start a conversation on your company website and easily continue the discussion.
In Taiwan, nearly 91% or nearly 17 million people use LINE for messaging. With the chatbot feature, your service is uninterrupted, providing customers with a better experience.
Facebook Messenger
Facebook has 1.86 billion active users, making it the largest social networking site in the world. Messenger is the second most used communication software in Taiwan.
Instagram currently has over 200 million business accounts. Expand your business and reach a larger audience through system integration.
Telegram has over 500 million users and is one of the top ten most downloaded apps in the world. It's completely free. By integrating with FIRST LINE, you can immediately meet the business messaging needs of your company.
With a simple forwarding setup, you can have your emails displayed on FIRST LINE, just like operating on familiar software, easy to get started.
The number of active users on WeChat is close to 1 billion, making it the most popular instant messaging service in China, with a monthly active user count of 963 million, and as many as 100 million users overseas.
SMS is one of the most widely used communication methods in the world. Compared to other text communication channels, it can effectively and promptly deliver key information to all target customers.
Skype Connect™ allows your business number to answer Skype calls and integrates Skype with your SIP or VoIP phone system, significantly reducing the communication costs of your business. (You may need to install hardware)
Viber has reached 900 million users worldwide and is a very popular communication application in Europe and Russian-speaking countries.
Join 2 billion people in over 180 countries around the world who use WhatsApp.

Put on your headphones and talk freely.

No matter how diverse the communication channels with customers are, telephone communication is still an efficient and quick communication method. FIRST LINE has a built-in VoIP phone system. All you need to do is open your browser, and you can immediately answer or make calls.


Any channel can be covered, communication is unimpeded.

Integrate mainstream social communication software from various regions, LINE, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, with the queue design, service staff can easily cope with multiple customers at the same time, also help customers shorten waiting time, and enhance customer experience.

Social Media

Gmail is also your service channel.

You only need to set up automatic forwarding in your company's email system, forward the email to the mailbox prepared by FIRST LINE for you, and you can set up multiple support mailboxes, in a snap, quickly build a customer service system that is exclusive to you.


Say goodbye to paper and Excel.

Look forward to new ways of working, enhancing work efficiency.

Marketing and service are a race against time. Using Excel or paper records may save costs, but it also increases the complexity of work, making problem management and analysis difficult. This is where FIRST LINE comes in. We make the customer service process simple and understandable. Through service process optimization and multi-channel integration, we can enhance your work efficiency without reducing service quality.

Make everything simple.
agent working

A strong and powerful assistant.


Through intuitive and efficient operation, it easily automates tedious workflows, saving human resources. It supports integration with third-party tools to create a powerful and comprehensive automated operation, solving the bottleneck problems of multiple systems. Whether it is collecting potential customer lists, sending coupons, or integrating knowledge base to solve customer problems, it has everything.

In addition to replacing customer service staff to handle simple and repetitive responses, you can also quickly create exclusive processes, such as "collecting potential customer lists through questionnaires", "sending coupons to attract customers", "integrating knowledge base to solve customer problems", etc.

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Extremely powerful, yet incredibly simple.

We've tailored solutions for your customer service and marketing centers. We've not only integrated multiple communication channels, but also deeply coupled various functions, greatly shortening the processing time of the customer service process, achieving efficient scheduling. This has increased the efficiency of customer service staff by more than three times, making your work efficiency dream come true. Let's join hands together to make your business efficiency soar.

Three-way Calling

When customer service representatives encounter issues that require the assistance of a supervisor or are unable to handle, they can directly invite the supervisor or manager to join the current conversation to help resolve the customer's issues.

Coaching Mode

Supervisors can monitor the call and whisper to the customer service representatives to assist them in responding and handling issues.

Data Analysis

Real-time viewing of the number of incoming calls, average call time, average waiting time, etc., quickly grasp the status and conduct further analysis, arrange manpower, and make the best decisions.

Automatic Call Distribution

Based on the ACD voice guidance, customers' calls are distributed to suitable customer service representatives according to different conditions and groups, achieving fairness in call work distribution.

Real-time Recording

Detailed records of each conversation are kept, properly preserving conversations with customers to avoid future disputes and obtain fair conclusions. You can also use excellent conversations as training materials, practical combat experience training, or performance evaluation references.

Multiple Conversations

FIRST LINE's unique queue design allows customer service representatives to easily converse with multiple customers at the same time, greatly reducing customer waiting time and enhancing customer evaluations of the enterprise.

From being overwhelmed to taking control of everything, take a look at a small part of the powerful features built for you.

Packed with numerous data analysis.


Built-in various reports to assist managers in analyzing and diagnosing various operational conditions. Whether it's manpower allocation, efficiency analysis, or various performance indicators, it can make wiser decisions for the management.


Graceful and composed, your exclusive space.

Service Desk

The "Service Desk" is a tool we have specially created to integrate various communication channels. Through a carefully designed consistent operating interface, it surpasses the scattered interface of traditional CTI systems, ensuring that the customer service team can quickly and easily respond to inquiries from various channels, such as telephone, social platforms, or emails, thereby reducing the time to get started and improving work efficiency. Our goal is that as long as customer service focuses on service, it can maximize assistance to customers.


Communication with customers is at your fingertips.

Instant Recording

A comprehensive recording integration interface that provides a variety of flexible query settings, perfectly combined with customer service work records, allowing you to listen to related recordings while viewing service records. The instant recording system of FIRST LINE not only ensures the security of every transaction of your company, but also brings important benefits to your business.

voice logger
Make your customer service shine

Everything you need is at your fingertips. The best way to understand FIRST LINE is to experience the product yourself. Contact us now for a free trial.

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