Customer Relationship Management

Expanding business opportunities, extending business.

Understanding the needs and preferences of customers, providing more personalized products and services, establishing more meaningful and lasting customer relationships, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, helping you nurture a fertile business environment.


Features loved by agents and admins.

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Phone Integration
When a call comes in, it immediately matches the customer database, displaying personal information, contact records, historical consultation records, etc., so that the customer service representative can understand the situation at the first time.
Multiple Tags
Sales and customer service representatives can flexibly and freely tag multiple labels for customers, such as: willing to purchase, high consumption group, married, etc., for quick and effective action.
Regardless of whether the original customer list is on Google, Outlook, etc., as long as you customize a CSV file that meets the format, all can be gathered on FIRST LINE. We also provide export functions so that you can easily back up your data.
Service log
From when it starts, when it ends, the customer's conversation with you, we will record it in detail for you, leaving the context for each communication. Whether you want data analysis or look back in the past, it's a piece of cake.
For B2B enterprises, the built-in company structure will consolidate customers from the same company, including common fields such as "company name" and "company number", which is convenient for unified management.
Contact Merge
Merge multiple duplicate customer data into one, including custom fields, owned work orders, etc., so that you can keep corporate data clean and without duplicate items.

Deliver the right information to the right person.

Segmented Marketing

Understanding your customer's background and behavior helps to understand their habits, and also provides better products and services. By filtering the list through conditions such as age, gender, and purchasing intention, the content can be delivered more accurately to the right person, and the audience can receive the right information.

segment marketing

Make communication warm.

Customer Database

The customer service system integrates with customer relationship management, providing different levels of functionality, assisting customer service staff to grasp customer information in real time and perform in-depth analysis. It allows customer service staff to provide more personalized services during customer interaction, respond better to customer needs, and create a more profound service experience.

customer relationship management

In a snap, reveal more information.

Custom Fields

As you wish. Allow you to create specific fields according to your needs and conveniently manage data. Our customer service system allows you to easily create and manage customer information, helping you improve customer satisfaction and increase business efficiency.

Make expanding data easier

No big deal, we offer a variety of field types for you to choose from. You can choose different field types as needed, such as text, drop-down menus, dates, etc., making it easier for you to create and manage customer information.

Create medical records

You can easily drag and drop fields to create customer data, ensuring that no important information is missed. As market competition intensifies, companies must understand their customers more. Our system can expand the data structure at any time, allowing you to fully record all customer information and help you record any required content.

Record purchase history

Paste tags to deepen the value of your data.

Multiple tags

By combining the customer data, purchase records, and other data of FIRST LINE, you can easily analyze the complete profile of customers and further depict the needs and behaviors of customers. This helps businesses and operations develop more accurate sales and management strategies, improving the quality of service.

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