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About the little story of FIRST LINE.

True strength is making everyone strong.

The FIRST LINE team has over ten years of industry service experience, dedicated to planning and developing large-scale enterprise projects, including financial institutions, insurance companies, and other well-known enterprises.

Over the years of cooperation, we have found that many small and medium-sized enterprises, merchants, and start-up teams do not have a complete understanding of professional processes and services, or miss good opportunities due to high initial setup costs. In the early stages of entrepreneurship, relying only on LINE OA, Facebook, Excel, and other software services to cope with business development, they lose more customers.

In addition, many customer service systems or customer relationship management systems on the market sell core functions separately, making it impossible to experience complete services, and the prices are not transparent enough. After formal introduction, it is found that the overall rental cost is too high, invisibly losing many potential customers.

Through contact with more similar customers, we are increasingly convinced of the importance of developing FIRST LINE. We hope to provide a complete, simple solution to help small and medium-sized enterprises, merchants, and start-up teams easily understand professional processes and services, so that they can easily cope in the early stages of development and avoid the occurrence of customer loss.

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Establishing closer business relationships

In January 2016, our team embarked on a two-year project. After countless discussions and process checks, we finally gave birth to our painstaking effort - the FIRST LINE customer service system. In November 2018, we established Acquire Tech Co., Ltd., aiming to provide a cloud-based customer service system that any enterprise can participate in. Regardless of the scale of the enterprise, the industry, or even individuals, a complete process can be easily introduced.

Thank you to all our supporters

Looking forward, we will not only limit the interaction between enterprises, businesses, and customers to business exchanges through the FIRST LINE customer service system, but we also hope to establish a closer connection and relationship. Our system will be dedicated to meeting customer product needs, solving customer problems, and winning customer trust and support.

We understand the importance of successfully establishing relationships, so we always pay attention to every detail to provide the best service. We believe that through the FIRST LINE system, we can make significant contributions to the software industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

Whether it's communicating with customers, understanding customer needs, or resolving customer concerns and problems, our goal is to exceed expectations and establish long-term cooperative relationships. We firmly believe that through FIRST LINE, enterprises will be able to achieve greater success in the Asia-Pacific region and grow together with customers.

Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the enterprises and professionals who have supported us in successfully creating the FIRST LINE system, as well as all those who have provided technical support.

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